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Expressions of Hope From Young Women in the Kibera Slum of Nairobi

LightBox is comprised entirely of photographs taken by Binti Pamoja’s members and essays they have written to accompany those photos. All of the pictures were taken with disposable or simple point-and-shoot cameras during the period of 2002-2004. Most of the photographers had never before held a camera, and were provided less than two hours of basic training. Their expressions offer a candid look at the lives of young women in poverty. LightBox demonstrates the value of empowering a young woman and is a celebration of the victories these young women achieve every day. Their photography and essays display a powerful message – one of struggle, perseverance and hope.

100% of proceeds from LightBox support The Binti Pamoja Center Scholarship Fund, which helps Binti Pamoja members attend high school. With your tax-deductible donation for three copies of LightBox, you can personally fund a one-year scholarship. To learn more about the The Binti Pamoja Center Scholarship, please visit the Binti Pamoja website.

LightBox has been funded in full through a grant from The Fledgling Fund.

LightBox was edited and published by Emily Verellen
Forward by Carol Bellamy
Designed by Allyson Murphy

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